Mentoring for CLD Students

Grade Levels:

A CLD Mentee is a 11th-12th grade Indianapolis Youth Development student who receives guidance and support from a vetted CLD Mentor. Mentees are connected to a professional or peer who understands the steps and preparation necessary to complete a college application and apply and interview for jobs.

Mentees Learn Holistic Ways to:

Role of a CLD Mentee

What is a CLD Mentor?

Mentors are individuals who give advice to mentees who are planning for college and career goals. Mentors are experienced professionals who have navigated different life pathways and can offer guidance. The role of the mentor is to give support, and motivate the mentee as they explore goals.

Indianapolis Youth Development mentors also gain leadership development and strategic planning skills. Mentors understand how impactful the role of a mentor is and fulfills the role with consideration and respect for the mentee. Interested in being a mentor? Apply here!