Community Resources

Making Connections During Social Distancing

This is a living resources page MCCOY put together for young people and their families to help connect folks to the supports they need during this unprecedented time of social distancing in our communities. If you have tips for parents, important resources, etc. not featured on this page, please submit links and ideas to them here.

Project Indy: Youth Jobs Program

Project Indy is comprised of a network of community organizations, employers, and corporate partners who are providing job opportunities, soft-skill development and job-readiness training to in-school and out-of-school youth in Marion County. Many participants are looking for summer jobs, while others are seeking full-time employment, and anything in between. Click below to check it out.

Indianapolis College Guide

Indianapolis is home to 40 institutions of higher learning. Education is an important focus among Indiana lawmakers who are working to establish clear, efficient pathways for on-time college completion in order to raise these percentages even higher. This guide showcases the top colleges and degrees in Indianapolis. Click below to download the guide.

Guidebook for Parents of the College-Bound

Affordable Colleges Online created the following guide to help ease the transition process by addressing the common first-year challenges for parents and their children. The following guide helps parents prepare for the high-school to college transition; explores the financial aid process; discusses concerns about housing and student independence; identifies on-campus resources for students; and offers resources for parents of high school students, college freshman, college students, and graduate school students. Click below to download the guide.

Ultimate Guide to College Admissions

By the time a student begins the college admissions process in earnest, they’ve likely already spent more than a decade in education – moving from preschool or kindergarten to senior year. Despite feeling like a seasoned professional when it comes to navigating high school, applying to and gaining acceptance to a college is often a daunting process for students and their families because there is so much to be done. This guide will help navigate students and parents through the process of applying and being admitted to college—from that first visit to campus to those crucial acceptance letters and beyond. Click below to download the guide.

Tips on Choosing a Major

Choosing a college major is a big decision. Following personal interests is important but so is landing a job that can help you pay off student loans and make a good living. Get expert advice on how to choose the right major and also see which majors have the best return on investment. Click below to download the guide:

Money Saving Hacks for College Students

The need to be smart with your budget is a fact of college life, but frugality doesn’t need to mean giving up entertainment and subsisting on ramen for four years. Many college campuses offer students ways to save on everything from food to movie tickets, and there are discounts available for pretty much anything you can imagine – if you know where to look. Find cost-saving hacks and resources that will allow you to keep as much money in your wallet as possible throughout your college career. Click below to download the guide.