CLD Scholarship Track

Are you interested in the CLD Scholarship Track?

Each year, during the Minority Achievers Awards & Scholarship Gala, the Center for Leadership Development has the privilege of awarding distinguished high school alumni with scholarships from our college and university partners for Indianapolis Youth Development. Over $4.6 million in full and partial scholarships dollars were awarded to CLD Alumni in 2022.

CLD Scholarship Track

If you are a senior (12th grade) in high school and you have completed the following three programs, you are qualified to apply for a CLD College and University Partner scholarship:

  1. Successfully complete Self-Discovery/Career Exploration Project
  2. Successfully complete College Prep Program
  3. Attend and participate in Emerging Scholars: Key to College Admissions Day

*The Center for Leadership Development College Prep Conference and College Fair is NOT a qualifier for CLD College and University Partner scholarships and may not serve as an alternative to any of the programs listed above. Successful completion of all three programs does not guarantee a scholarship.

Guidelines for Application Packets

Complete application packets must include the materials listed below:

  1. Completed scholarship application (electronic fillable form): check out our College and University Partner requirements before getting started by clicking here
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation: One recommendation must be written by a member of your high school’s administration or counselor, the second recommendation may be written by a representative from one of the following categories: Department Head or Faculty Member, Civic Leader, Clergyperson, Political, etc. but may not be a family member. Letters should be printed on letterhead, signed and sent electronically as a PDF.
  3. Resume: a typed resume listing school and community activities with leadership positions, employment history (if applicable) and organizational memberships beginning with freshman year in high school to current date.
  4. Essay: two (2) page essay (12 point font, double spaced, MLA format) answering the following question, “how has one or more of CLD’s Principles for Success prepared you for college and your future career?”
  5. Official transcript (transcripts may also be mailed to the CLD office): must included original signatures from school officials and/or the school seal/stamp. Transcripts may be submitted via Parchment email or high school officials directly.

All 6 components listed above are required to be considered for CLD College and University Partner scholarships. Completed packets should be submitted with all materials included electronically or mailed to the CLD Offices. Incomplete packets will not be considered. Please ensure all materials are present.

Assistance with resume development and essay reviews are available upon request. Call 317-923-8111 and ask for the College Prep Institute administrator to set up your appointment today.

Timeline for Potential Scholarship During Their Senior Year of High School


  1. Attend Emerging Scholars Day
  2. Receive application to apply for CLD College Partner Scholarship


  1. Applications to College/University Partners & FAFSA Due (submitted online)
  2. College Goal Sunday
  3. CLD College Partner Scholarship Applications Due (submitted online)


  1. Scholarship application information of potential CLD Scholars placed in College and University Partner Dropbox folders for them to make their CLD Scholar selections


  1. Scholarship decisions will be submitted to CLD from our CLD College Partners (possible interviews before this time)
  2. Notification letters emailed to ALL potential CLD Scholar applicants


  1. Scholarship meeting for scholarship recipients. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!
  2. CLD’s Minority Achievers Awards and Scholarship Gala. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY! *If offered a scholarship, the university/college will pay for the student and one/two guests to sit at their table. Other family members must purchase seats through the website and will not be seated with or near the scholar.


  1. CLD Scholars Contract Signing


  1. CLD Scholars Dinner
  2. Mandatory CLD Scholar Summer Advising Meeting with College Success Coordinator or CLD Guidance Counselor

Featured Scholars

Disclaimer: Not all scholarship applicants will receive a scholarship through CLD. Decisions are made my awarding institutions. Additional opportunities may arise as a result of participation.