College Prep Conference
& College Fair

Grade Levels:

8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

17th Annual College Prep Conference and College Fair

The Center for Leadership Development’s College Prep Conference & College Fair is a transformative event that equips students and supportive adults with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently navigate their academic, college, and career path.

The College Prep Conference goes beyond just providing information; it empowers students and supportive adults with the knowledge and skills needed to overcome common pitfalls that can hinder post-secondary admission, persistence, and completion. Join us to unlock your potential and build a successful and fulfilling academic, college, and career journey.

For questions about the conference, please contact Mia Black [email protected]

Thank You To Our 2023 Sponsors

Ball State University

Federal Home Loan BankĀ 

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Hanover College

Indianapolis Airport Authority


Marion Co. Public Health Dept.

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PNC Bank

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Taylor University

The Heritage Group

University of Evansville

University of Indianapolis

University of Notre Dame

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Wabash College

Washington University of St. Louis

16th Annual College Prep Conference & College Fair Photo Gallery