Free Tutoring Services

Request for Free Tutoring Services

The College Prep Institute (CPI) is a college readiness resource center located within the Center for Leadership Development dedicated to assist Indianapolis Youth Development for students in grades 4 through 12, parents and community organizations serving youth by providing free resources and services. We are here at every point in an individuals’ educational journey – including evenings and weekends – with caring, highly qualified guidance counselors, tutors and other professionals.

The College Prep Institute is also open to the public; however requests for tutoring must follow the process below prior to beginning services.

Process of Tutoring from Beginning to End

Step 1:

Parent or legal guardian must complete a CLD Service Intake Form.

Step 2:

Once the CLD Service Intake Form has been submitted, it will be reviewed to determine if services are available for your student. A CLD staff member will contact you via email regarding tutoring availability.

Step 3:

If tutoring services are available for your student, you and your student will have an initial CPI appointment with a CLD Guidance Counselor. During this session, CPI’s tutoring expectations and attendance policy will be discussed CLD programs and additional services available for your student. Your student will receive a CLD Individualized College and Career Plan. After the initial appointment, your student will be scheduled for 6 consecutive weeks of tutoring with the College Prep Institute. You will receive confirmation of the tutoring appointments via email from CPI staff. Reminders about tutoring services will be emailed to parent/supportive adult the day of the scheduled appointment.

If tutoring services are not available for your student, you will be placed on a waitlist and will be notified when services become available.

Step 4:

If a student wants to continue tutoring services with CLD, a tutoring renewal appointment will be scheduled. During this appointment, the student and parent/supporting adult will meet with a CLD guidance counselor to discuss academic changes made with the support of tutoring, review the student’s Individual College and Career Plan, and complete a CLD Tutoring Experience Tool to evaluate their assigned tutor, and discuss additional resources or services available for the student. After the tutoring renewal meeting, an email will be sent to the parent/supportive adult confirming a new series of tutoring sessions.

Please click on the “Register Here” button to complete the CLD Service Intake Form