Center for Leadership Development continuously strives to provide life-changing resources to Central Indiana youth. Gaining employment through an internship is one of the many ways that CLD partners with businesses to provide career opportunities for CLD students. Internships provide students with short-term work experience while they study for their careers. Students can also rely on internships to gain exposure in their career fields with the prospect of receiving future employment.

Center for Leadership Development is proud to offer the Internship and Career Readiness Program- an internship preparation series comprised of the following sessions:

Session 1: What is an Internship?
Session 2: Cover Letter and Resume Development
Session 3: Interviewing Preparedness
Session 4: Professional Branding and Social Capital
Session 5: Business and Internship Decorum

To be considered for this FREE program, you must be the following:
– A CLD Alum (successfully completed the Self Discovery/Career Exploration project)
– A current college or high school student
– Complete the Student Internship Interest Form
Provide a resume, cover letter, and transcript

For more information, please contact Mia Black at [email protected]

Funding made possible by the NBA Foundation. Read more.


Are you seeking educated, prepared college students as potential interns? Consider Center for Leadership Development alumni. CLD has over 40 years equipping African American youth to become professional, business and community leaders. We welcome the opportunity to partner and introduce you to our diverse college talent.

Do you have internship opportunities available? Share them with us!

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