Annual Reports


Center for Leadership Development’s mission is made possible by the generous support of individual donors, corporate donors, sponsors and foundations. We strive to be excellent stewards of our funders resources, and value transparency and accountability. 

Copies of our most recent annual reports are available here:

2019 Annual Report:

Cultivating Character, Empowering Youth, Enriching Community

Download 2019 Here

2018 Annual Report:

Developing Scholars and Leaders for Indianapolis – and Beyond

Download 2018 Here

2017 Annual Report:

Forty and Forward Propelling the next generation towards college and career achievement

Download 2017 Here

2016 Annual Report:

A Center of Hope: Elevating African-American Youth, Empowering the City of Indianapolis

Download 2016 Here

2015 Annual Report:

A Center of Hope: Envisioning an Exemplary Youth Experience in Indianapolis

Download 2015 Here

2014 Annual Report:

A Center of Hope: Transforming Youth through Unrivaled Program Options

Download 2014 Here

2013 Annual Report:

A Center of Hope: Inspiring a Culture of College, Career and Community Achievement

Download 2013 Here

2012 Annual Report:

Building the Standard of African American Youth Achievement

Download 2012 Here

2011 Annual Report:

Inspired and Prepared to Excel: The story of youth, leaders and lifelong learning

Download 2011 Here

2010 Annual Report:

Solutions to Educational Achievement

Download 2010 Here

2009 Annual Report:

Building the Next Generation

Download 2009 Here

2008 Annual Report:

Intentional Excellence

Download 2008 Here

2007 Annual Report:

Excited About Our Future: Striving Toward Preeminence

Download 2007 Here

2006 Annual Report:

Strength of Many. Power of One.

Download 2006 Here

2005 Annual Report:

Building Community, Leaving a Legacy

Download 2005 Here

2004 Annual Report:

Excellence in Youth Development…The Next Generation

Download 2004 Here

2003 Annual Report:

From Dreams to Achievement

Download 2003 Here

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