2024 Corporate & Community Sponsorship Packages

Dear Corporate and Community Partners,

It is our pleasure to once again invite corporate and community stakeholders to partner with us in advancing the Center for Leadership Development’s important mission through sponsorship of our 2024 events. We are offering three exciting and impactful events which we
hope you would consider sponsoring: the CLD 44th Annual Achievers & Scholars Gala, our CLD Charity Golf Classic, to be held at the beautiful Brickyard Crossing course, and our 17th Annual College Prep Conference & College Fair. These are outstanding events and would be made better by your partnership involvement. As a charitable organization committed to offering youth preeminent program experiences that help nurture talent, we are committed to offering youth and families high-quality, high-impact learning experiences at nominal cost to families. For example, our outstanding, longstanding leadership program, Self-Discovery/Career Exploration,
costs our organization roughly $525 per participant; however, families only pay $25 per person to participate in this substantive, highly impactful 13-week learning experience. How are we able to provide such high-quality, high-impact experiences to our youth and families at such a low cost? Because of companies and entities like each of you who choose to serve as sponsors. 

We at the Center for Leadership Development take seriously our civic charge to enrich and enhance our community by cultivating our city’s future professional, business, and community leaders. The sponsorship opportunities outlined in this packet provide the resources we need to help sustain this mission and insure we continue offering quality program experiences and services to youth and families at nominal cost. When you sponsor and volunteer, you are literally joining in partnership with us as we continue striving to offer preeminent learning experiences to youth and families and develop future talent across our city, state, nation and beyond. We hope we can count on you as one of our 2024 partners.

Yours for the development of youth,

Dennis E. Bland, Esq. CLD ‘82, President

“We have to reach more youth…We have to touch more lives.”

Jerry D. Semler, Board Member, Center for Leadership Development