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Minority Achievers Awards & Scholarship Gala

The 41st Annual Minority Achievers Awards & Scholarship Gala pays tribute to the city’s top minority leaders and achievers who have performed outstanding service in their profession and for the community. At this signature fundraising event, local corporations, organizations and educational institutions realize the opportunity to honor talented minority men and women who demonstrate excellence.

Additionally, the annual awards dinner has developed into a showcase of the significant academic talents and successes of “CLD Scholars” — CLD youth participants who have achieved distinction by being awarded scholarships from educational institutions for reaching their intellectual and educational potential. In 2019, college, community and university partners awarded $5.2 million in full and partial scholarships to CLD Alumni.

CLD/3’D Trophy Golf Outing

The CLD/3’D Trophy Annual Golf Outing, presented by Southwest Airlines, further supports the mission of the Center for Leadership Development. Through a long-lasting friendship/relationship with the family-owned 3’D Trophy (Derick Mayes, CLD grad and former NFL player/Super Bowl champion with the Green Bay Packers) and CLD’s founder, 3’D desired to partner with CLD to initiate a source of income to support CLD operations.

Proceeds from the event enable CLD to continue offering exceptional programs designed to meet the growing needs of youth and families. With the financial support of sponsors and participants for the Golf Outing, CLD can continue rising to the challenge to help our youth and our city meet the challenges we face. Through 40 years of dedication to exposing youth to the highest quality program experiences possible, CLD continues to make significant impact in the lives of hundreds of Indianapolis youth.

College Prep Conference & College Fair

Imagine 1,500 plus students and parents gathered in one place gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire college readiness process – how to work hard in school, how to apply for admission, from learning how to seek scholarships, and apply for financial aid, to gaining tips on how to excel and graduate from college. This is exactly what the CLD Annual College Prep Conference & College Fair plans to provide.
In collaboration with college and university administrators, CLD will expose students and parents throughout the state of Indiana to the idea of college as an available option and to the many opportunities that a college education affords. Breakout sessions such as Creating a Standout ApplicationFinancial Aid 101, and Parent Purpose: Your Role in the College Admission Process, are just a few of the informative and interactive sessions that will be presented during this conference.

This conference will provide resources for youth and parents to help change behavior and values while guiding them to a self-directed path that will help them achieve in high school, enroll in and graduate from college, and gain employment in their career choice. BREAKFAST AND LUNCH INCLUDED.