Success Prep

Grade Levels:

Identify the skills you need to succeed!


of the parents are able to identify where their students can go to get help for a problem that affects their school performance.


of the participants are able to identify where to go and who to ask for help in an educational setting.


of the participants are able to identify the educational skills (Academic Discipline, Initiative, and Critical Thinking) required for college admission, persistence, and graduation.

How different is high school from middle school? 

How can I be a successful high school student? 

What does it take to have a rewarding high school experience?

Success Prep is a high school readiness program intended to give rising freshmen the opportunity to have a “fresh start.” Over the course of four consecutive Saturdays, students and parents gain very beneficial information regarding the academic, behavioral and social expectations of a successful high school student.

With post-secondary education as the goal, participants learn the importance of their grade point average, developing solid study habits, seeking the support of guidance counselors, addressing the issues of peer pressure and ultimately preventing adverse actions which impact their path to Indianapolis Youth Development achievement. This program also features a college campus visit!

Students participating in the summer session are eligible only if they will be freshman in the fall (Graduation Year 2027). Students participating in the fall session are eligible only if they are current freshman (Graduation Year 2027).

Weekly Topics

Week 1 – High School: What’s the Big Deal?
Week 2 – How to be Successful in High School
Week 3 – The Transition from High School to College
Week 4 – College Panel

During Success Prep, Participants Will:

  • Create an 8-semester success plan
  • Hear strategies from guidance counselors and educators
  • Discover different diploma types
  • Learn how to read transcripts
  • Visit one of CLD’s esteemed College/University partners’ campuses

Fall 2022 Program Information

Sessions Held:
Saturdays, September 10 – October 1, 2022
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Last session will be extended

Program Fee: 
$30, includes 1 parent and 1 student (+$10 for each additional adult)
Parents/guardians may alternate sessions to ensure attendance requirements are met.*
*Program fees are non-refundable

Program Location:

Mandatory Orientation: 
First Orientation: August 31, 2022
Second Orientation: September 6, 2022
6:00 – 7:00 PM

Orientation Location:
Virtual – Zoom Technology

Registration Closes August 30, 2022 at Midnight