Workshop Series (In-School)

Community Alliance of the Far Eastside ( (CAFE)

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Workshop Details:
Summer Youth Employment Program Workshop Series
CLD will host a series of workshops for CAFE’s Summer Youth Employment Program which will focus on the importance of education, internships, stress management and college/career readiness. Our goal is to ensure that students are aware and prepared for all of the options and opportunities that come once they have graduated from High School.


Spring 2024 Program Information

Workshop Dates: (All Workshops are from 11am – 12pm)
Goal Development
June, 12, 2024

Importance of Community Service
June, 20, 2024

Importance of an Internship
June, 26, 2024

Building Resiliency
July, 3, 2023

Students and Stress Management
July, 11, 2024

Career Interest Exploration
July, 17, 2024

Workshop Location:
Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE)
8902 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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