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Grade Level
10th 11th 12th

I am more versatile, focused and assertive about my goals in life. To all youth involved, take full advantage of this opportunity and remember to give back.”

Ayne Carson
2012 CLD Scholar, University of Indianapolis

During this one-day program, high school students and parents will learn about the millions of dollars in scholarship opportunities, eligibility requirements, and guidance on how and when to apply for various scholarship opportunities, including those from CLD’s college and university partners. Additionally, participants will learn resume, essay and scholarship writing tips. The program concludes with an opportunity for families to engage with college representatives in a college fair. Senior CLD Alumni are provided with formal applications to the Center for Leadership Development partner scholarships.

Hanover Group_optEligibility requirements for the CLD Partner Scholarships:

  • Student must be a graduate of CLD’s Self-Discovery/Career Exploration Project (SD/CE) by the spring semester the junior year in high school.
  • Students and parent/caring adult must be successfully complete CLD’s College Prep program.
  • Students must attend the Emerging Scholars Program.
  • Download CLD Partner Scholarship Requirements

Emerging Scholars

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Students are allowed up to two adult guests. Participating adults should only be listed on one registration.

2019 Emerging Scholars 

Session Held:
Eligible Participants: 10th -12th grade students and parents
(Check-in: 9:00 AM) 10:00AM – 1:30 PM
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019
Location: TBD
Program Fee: FREE

In Time. On Time. The program will begin promptly at 10:00 AM. Any Seniors arriving after the program begins will not receive scholarship applications. Seniors applying for CLD partner scholarships must have successfully completed Self-Discovery/Career Exploration Project and College Prep.

Step 2:
Schedule an Essay Critique appointment after the Emerging Scholars Program on October 13, 2018. All seniors are strongly encouraged to have their academic resumes, college applications and essays reviewed prior to submitting a CLD Scholarship Application.

Since 2004, CLD and its higher education partners have awarded over $18 million in college scholarships to well-deserving students.

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