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It’s a safe place to practice and develop skills needed to be successful in future endeavors, such as teamwork, public speaking, study habits and problem solving. CLD opened my eyes to the process of setting goals and having a vision for myself, but also to identifying the steps required to achieve those aspirations. The experience confirmed that I can do ANYTHING that I set out to accomplish. And not just do it, but do it with excellence.

Eric Summers
CLD Alum and Senior Sourcing Specialist
The Walt Disney Company

A program for 4th-12th grade

imani-book-club-2-pgThis six-week summer reading program strives to improve literacy and nurture an appreciation for the written word. Participants engage in written and oral activities, including journaling, vocabulary logs, presentations and debates.

Imani Book Club

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Summer 2018:
Eligible Participants: Students in grades 4-12 (for upcoming school year)

Sessions Held:
Tuesdays or Thursdays, June 5 – July 12
6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Center for Leadership Development
2425 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St, 46208
Program Fee: $25

For more information contact Program Coordinator Jonathan Jones, at 317-923-8111.