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College Prep

Grade Level
10th 11th 12th

These classes are really helping me prepare for the future.

Thanks Kandi Davis, Pike High School

What does it take to be successful in college? How do I develop effective study habits? How can I best overcome obstacles that are sure to come my way? How do I know what courses to take? What can I expect from college campus life?

If you are going to be a junior, senior or college freshman in the fall, sign up for College Prep and find out!

College Prep will provide you and your parent/caring adult with a comprehensive understanding of college admission and graduation requirements. Through a hands-on approach, you will learn how to choose the right college or university, how to gain admission, how to succeed in college, and how to graduate from college! You will acquire useful tools to achieve your educational goals.

*Students must successfully complete CLD’s Self-Discovery/Career Exploration Project prior to participating.

Summer 2017
Eligible Participants: CLD Alumni(Graduate of SDCE) and their parents
Mandatory Orientation: Tuesday, May 16
Orientation Location: IUPUI- Hine Hall
875 North St.
Check-in begins at 5:30 PM

Sessions Held:
May 31 – June 24
Wednesdays: 6:00 PM– 9:00 PM (Students Only)
Saturdays, 9:00 AM– 12:30 PM (Students and Parents)
Location: IUPUI

Program fee: $30.00  for 1 parent & 1 student. Parents can alternate, but 1 parent/guardian must attend each Saturday session with student to ensure that attendance requirements are met.

Additional fee of $10 ($40 in all) for two parents attending each Saturday session .

College Prep


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For more information contact the Program Assistant, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wolk at or (317) 923-8111 ext 217.